This is my first ever tutorial so be kind and talk real slow… 🙂 Mother Crone asked about the pin cushions the other day for her daughter, so I thought that I would share with all of you how I made them.

My inspiration came from one of my Japanese craft books:

Inspiration #1

Inspiration #2

Being that I don’t speak or read Japanese, the books are great for me because I am the type to look at pictures and then go figure it out my own way. 😉 I thought that I would combine the two because I liked the trim idea so then I guesstimated what size I wanted them to be…totally up to you. I measured like 3.5″ by 6 ” and included a little extra for the seam allowance. This is for the end product, when you cut your pieces, your back will be 1 piece but your front is two pieces so there is a tad bit of math involved. Here is the back and 2 front pieces.

front and back

If you want ribbon/trim, you must now choose something that strikes your fancy.

ribbon choosing

Cut it about an inch longer than you need and place it right side up between your 2 front pieces which are right sides together (you still with me)

assembly #1

Sew through all 3 with a small 1/4″ seam. Unfold and press out seam.

then press

Now with right sides together, pin your front to your back

assembly #2

Sew both sides


Now that you have both sides together, you can trim your excess ribbon/trim


Now at this point, if you are going to add a little doo dad in which to hang the pin cushion or maybe you have decided that you want a scented sachet (same pattern basics), you would find ribbon of choice and cut it and place it between your bottom front/back, pin in place before sewing the bottom together.

If you don’t want the doo dad, just sew your front and back together at the bottom. Clip your corners (don’t cut your stitches).

Turn right side out and poke your corners out…I like to use a kabob skewer as they are not just for cooking. Make sure there is no BBQ sauce on it though…

poke out corners

Before going forward, go back to the ironing board and iron down a small hem, trust me it is easier to do it now then after you have stuffed this puppy.


Now, you will need some fill, Poly and Esther work fine but you could use cotton, organic cotton, beans (yes like for mini bean bags), potpurri, or marbles…whatever floats your boat.


Pack it in there until you feel it is too full. Now choose either some embroidery thread or thread to close up your open end.


I did a blanket stitch to close up the ends and there is a great tutorial at Primrose Design. If you have a different learning style, you can check out this YouTube video.

Voila, you have a finished pin cushion, sachet, bean bag, marble/rock weapon, or whatever your heart’s fancy.