Ok, first the confession – yes, I did find myself watching bits and pieces of this mess again this week. šŸ˜¦

The previews kept talking about how one well endowed beauty shares that she is a Christian with the Bachelor. I had to see that and see his reaction and in case you missed it, here is the new Christian poster child – Solisa.


She is a pretty girl from Texas and she is an Esthetician so she can probably do a mean facial. During the 2nd group date, when all of the gals are asked by the bachelor about the craziest thing they have ever done, she takes this as a cue in which to get up and run to the beach (they were in Malibu) and take her top off. The real kicker is that the bachelor didn’t even move an inch to go see her toplessness.

How is it that in today’s society, Christianity has been associated with such foolishness? I know that we are all sinners and even though we are sinners, Christ still died for us but did He really die for such idiocy to continue on forever? When do we start trying to live a life full of less sin?

Young gals are watching this and seeing such behavior and it gets an unnecessary seal of approval and conclude that it must be a good way to conduct oneself because she did wound up getting the last rose.

Why did she feel the need to share that she was a Christian and live a life full of values if she were then going to allow him to do shooters off of her chest, shake what God and her momma gave her and carry herself like Jezebel?