Last week, a dear friend of mine passed unexpectedly. Her name was Cheryl and she was only 38. It still has not sunk in yet that she is no longer here and there have been a few things that I have wanted to share with her and went to dial her number only to be reminded that she will not answer.

We met 12 years ago during an internship that I had in my first year of grad school and she worked there and we instantly became friends. She coordinated my bridal shower, coordinated and hosted my baby shower for the Princess, went with us to the funeral for Malachi, in other words she and I were very close. She was even the impetus for me to start this blog.

I have never lost a friend like that and it has been a strange couple of days. The Princess and Cheryl were close she she didn’t take it well, my parents have felt like they loss a daughter….I feel like some things just shouldn’t happen, kwim?

She was a 2 year breast cancer survivor yet her body left this place due to a blood clot. The funeral is this Tuesday and it all still feels odd. Have you ever lost a dear friend?