Thank you for the kind words that ya’ll shared, I missed ya’ll too! šŸ™‚

Last night, I finally made some applesauce. It was so easy and for the life of me, I am trying to figure out how I have never done this before? The Prince prefers it over Mott’s and what mother needs more affirmation than that….here are a few jars.


I also finished up another 6 quarts of tomato sauce but I froze those. For our 7th anniversary in June, when asked by hubby what I wanted, I told him a bigger deep freezer. Once he got over the shock, he was quite tickled that I would ask for such a practical gift and you all should know that I have a tendency to be anything but practical.

tomatoes waiting

I also had more cucumbers than I could deal with it and we are not big on pickles so I made some relish.

Dill relish

My garden’s yield is dwindling but there are still some peppers out there that I need to pick and maybe there are some stuffed peppers in our future…yummy!