Oooh, I tell ya…I have missed ya’ll. 🙂 I am just peeking in as it is getting late and I need to get some rest as there is much on my to do list.

I deeply appreciate the comments that have been made and the emails to check on me. Life is good but we are in the process of moving and that has taken on a life of its own. Closing is scheduled for next Wednesday (continued prayers are still appreciated) and I was in denial that I could continue doing some things like crafting but the reality is that I have had to quickly get out of denial. 😉

The Princess has really taken to reading and what a joy considering I remember the days of internal screaming. Of course, the Prince is trying to keep up with her so the two of them go off together and read. You gotta love it!!

Here is our life in pictures:

The Prince wanted a sandwich the other day and I realized that we didn’t have any bread, problem solved.

White bread - delicious

We went to Baltimore and went to the circus with some other homeschoolers:

All together now

Opening elephants

Tigers and more tigers


Our home church had a Resurrection Egg Hunt in the backyard:

Are there more eggs

Smiling Faces

And we have been packing:

my life as a box

I will be around sporadically at best for the next few weeks but will be back with lots to share and show.

Be blessed!!!!