So, am I the only one who hasn’t fulfilled the dreams that they had growing up? I remember wanting to be a lawyer and a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. I know, totally opposite ends of the spectrum but hey those were my lifelong goals for many years. As I grew older and after I passed the tender age of 23, I pretty much gave up on the whole cheerleader thing even though the CMT show DCC: Making the Team has me thinking that I should audition before I am 40 just so I can check that off of my list. I think I would make the first round of cuts, of course after I start working out and stop drinking Pepsi like it was water and probably need to cut back on a few other things..okay, I have time before the next set of auditions. 🙂

Supreme Court

DCC Squad 2007

Around 25, while in graduate school, my goals shifted to having a job that was high powered. You see fresh out of grad school, I worked as a budget/management analyst for a local government and I viewed it as a stepping stone to something else and was criticized for that by my superiors (the same ones that later suggested my girlfriend that was still working there needed to have more of that go-get-em attitude that I had)…needless to say I did step somewhere else in a short 10 months. Having been a political science undergrad major, the epicenter of power was DC so I went and worked on Capitol Hill. I loved it and felt a sense of accomplishment when we passed legislation that benefitted people across the country or in my boss’ distrist or when my boss was on the House floor reading a speech that I wrote but quite frankly like Elle in Legally Blonde 2, idealism is quickly wiped away and is often replaced with other feelings and so I left the Hill for a small non-profit dealing with youth issues and still having to work with those on the Hill but not be on the Hill.

The fact of the matter is that on the inside I wanted to have one of those jobs like Mia, Caitlin, Juliet or Zoe on Cashmere Mafia. You know something very powerful with a nice title and a high paycheck and everyday in Jimmy Choo shoes and gorgeous clothes. As I sit at this computer in the middle of the day with napping children upstairs I realize that my job is even more high powered than theirs and while I may not spend everyday in Jimmy Choo shoes, I get to spend everyday with 2 precious people that have thier own needs and desires and make me strive to be a better person.

Cashmere Mafia

For vicarious living, I will still watch the show even though it often means flipping between it and Project Runway but hey, Project Runway re-airs so often, I can always catch up.

Take the time to find your true inner self, she may not be who you thought she was….