On this day, when many are out of school and out of work and enjoying a long weekend, it was more than a dream that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had that shouldn’t be forgotten. I have spent a majority of the day watching Eyes on the Prize and even had my children watch it with me and they saw the dogs and the water hose sand even though it is graphic, I feel it is important that they understand what those that came before us have done in terms of laying the groundwork for how we live today.

After slavery, my ancestors on my Dad’s side moved from Virginia to New Jersey so things were different in the North and there wasn’t such a strong desire to hold on to the way things have been when it came to integration. It often amazes me how many of us wish to sweep this country’s history – good, bad, and ugly – under a rug. If we don’t know what has happenned we are very likely to repeat it and quite frankly I definitely don’t want a return to the days of old but in many ways, I think we still have some of the ways of old that have just been updated to fit the current times.

After a discussion this morning with my kids, my daughter wanted to know why people would kill such a nice man that said such nice words? What would your answer be?