Happy New Year to each of you!!! It has been a wonderful 10 months getting to know each of you. Many of you have inspired me in ways that you may never know in how you balance being wife, mother, home educator, crafter extraordinaire, friend, sister, aunt, niece, just plain ol’ nice. I love the encouragement from each of you and getting to know you in this medium.

This was a good year for me and my family. No major challenges but lots of growing in ways that were unexpected. Our home church continues to florish through and by the grace of God and I admit that I am excited to see what He will do in 2008.

The kids and I will embark upon the 2nd half of our first full year of official homeschooling. They are excited and I look forward to the blessing of being able to learn with them. The Prince will turn 4 in a few weeks and his desire to read more and now write is amazing and I hope to foster those desires in a way that suits him. The Princess is still my challenge because she doesn’t learn how I learn so I look forward to how I have to get out of my box in order to help her understand and comprehend.

My crafty pursuits continue and for that I am thankful. I like making and making helps me find balance in the midst of life. Those that I make for enjoy my items and that is special to me to know that you have given someone something that they genuinely appreciate because they know that you made it just for them.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I do know that I am excited to find out and I hope that you will continue to read about the journey.

Happy New Year!!!!