Many of you know that I dearly love my Dallas Cowboys and as a result, I would like to give some advice to Jessica Simpson, next time STAY HOME!!!! You see, our beloved quarterback, he obviously has a thing for blondes as many of you may recall, his last love interest was Carrie Underwood. Yes, she also served as a distraction to Tony that caused us any hopes of moving beyond the first round of the playoffs. As much as he is getting paid, Jerry Jones needs to implement a Tony rule, no more celebrity-girlfriend-of-the-moment should be allowed to attend the game unless they have been escalated to the level of fiance and have been at that level for at least 5 months.

We played like trash today and we better win the next 2 games because home field advantage through the playoffs is much better than having to head to Green Bay (no offense as I do like Green Bay and love Brett Favre) and play in the cold, remember I do not do cold. 🙂

So, Jess, hon take your pink #9 Jersey and watch the upcoming games via TV in the comfort of your home. Thanks a bunch, hon!

ETA: Obviously, T.O. has similar feelings and thoughts about Jessica as seen on Fox Sports