Happy Tuesday one and all! I feel like I have been seriously slacking with my posts and trust me it is not because I don’t have anything to say or share. 😀 The Jeff Gordon win on Saturday night sent my heart into palpitations and then on Sunday my beloved Cowboys went down to that other team which shall rename nameless. I know, I can’t win them all but the Packers did do well by beating the Redskins, so my Boys are still atop their division. They need some discipline though because the penalties are killing us.

Okay, moving on, have you ever done Swap-Bot? If you have and you haven’t told me, why have you been holding out? I learned about it from Cindy and OMG, I absolutely love it. I signed up for a few swaps and today, I received my first one in the mail. I signed up for a Nice & Cozy swap and the idea was to send a book that you have read and something to drink for the person to snuggle up with as the weather changes and of course people add in some extra goodies based on your completed profile (basically your likes and dislikes). I received this great package from my swap partner.

swapbot received2

It had a great tag on it and I loved the presentation. I will wait a few days before sharing what I sent just in case they meander over here.

And I also signed up for a newbie swap..guess what, my swap partner emailed me and she is in Japan *gasp* and she asked how I felt about Japanese craft books, holy moly, I am so excited. Someone needs to make a dancing smilie face…okay, just picture the dancing baby from Ally McBeal. 🙂

You may have remembered when I shared a sketch for a pattern for a stuffed doll that I had thought of giving to my SIL who is due in December. Well, I made the doll but I didn’t know how she would feel about handmade items so I have kept it for myself and I think I would like to do some tweaking as the doll has some felt hair but based on how I cut it, it doesn’t show up like I would like. Don’t you love her silver bling necklace, thrifted ric rac rocks!!

my first doll

I did go to my SIL’s baby shower over the weekend. I forgot to take pics of the blankets that I made but here are the onesies, she was so touched and made a special note that they were handmade…I was touched (someone pass me a tissue while I wipe my eyes). The second group has some iron-ons that were vintage that I had thrifted.



There is more but let’s face it, I need to go to bed because I am a sleepyhead. C ya later alligators.