A big thank you to all of you that shared prayers and kind words. It is nothing and amazingly where my doctor felt a lump there was none seen on the mammogram; however they looked more closely at the the other and after pics at different angles and a sonogram, I have no findings that indicate the need for a follow-up nor do I have cancer. Hallelujah!!

It was a long process with lots of waiting but I had some knitting so I knitted and knitted and my nerves were amazingly calm (prayer works)! My mom and I then went to Whole Foods for some lunch and then I went to a different Joanne’s to buy some more clearance fabric and this Joann’s had lots of boy stuff, so finally, my Prince can get some goodies.

Mentally, I am a bit taxed but I am thankful for your prayers and God’s love. Have a great weekend and I hope it is full of love, laughter, family, friends, and crafting. 😉