It never seems to fail that the times I am not in the mood for attitude, I get it from my little ones. This morning, a simple task of telling me today’s date turned into tears and unnecessary drama. Yes, prior to having to go downstairs for school, they were having a mini jam session with their guitars, but they knew what time it was so it is not like being told to get ready for school should have been the jumping off point for attitude.

I tell ya it can truly grate on momma’s nerves. I also was asked rather rudely by the Princess where her Ariel doll was and yes the asking was complete with head moving, tone, and if she were standing, she may have put her hand on her imagination. I politley reminded her first that she should not speak to me in that manner and second that she had told me before (in one of her Princess huffs) that I could give it away, so I did.

I have been feeling that my kids have truly been showing strong tendencies to be spoiled and bratty, things I was as a child and can’t stand now. To me, these are heart issues. Some people have a lot but are thankful, joyful and not bratty and feeling entitled. Conversely, some people do not have a lot and they are very thankful, joyful and just down right appreciative.

We discussed thankfulness, the importance of education and also visual pictures and videos of those that do not have a lot yet they are thankful, thanks to UNICEF for some amazing videosof children in their own words. I am not going to go into this being an American children issue even though I do think that a lot because of our culture.

There are many thoughts going on in my head so forgive me if I am rambling, but I do have some questions:

1) What do you do to help your children realize that it’s not all about the stuff?

2) How do your impress the importance of education?

3) For kids too young for some community service projects, how do you make the connection that they are a part of something larger?