I found it, I found it, all of the designers just didn’t know it was missing! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I finished the purse inspired by the Japanese craft books with many different changes that I will not mention here, but it is not as odd looking as I thought or maybe it is and thus I am odd as well.

Here is the front, with the floral fabric having been refashioned from a chair slip cover that I picked up at a yard sale alongwith the burnt orange fabric. They were at 2 different places at the yard sale but I felt they were perfect together.


And here is the back,


It has definitely grown on me over the last 48 hours. I lined the inside with some dark brown that was from the thrift store and there is a floral pocket. I have already started on 2 library bags for the kids that have embroidery components also inspired from the books and they should be finished this evening as everything is already cut-out, I just need to put it all together and finish up a few objects on Princess A’s bag.

I will test drive the bag today as we head out to the library later. Happy Monday to everyone!