Sometimes, I think if I looked at my mind in drawing form, it would look like a scatterplot as my thoughts are often all over the place. πŸ™‚

That notwithstanding, I have found some interesting items that I would like to share and if I were savvy enough, I would figure out how to use one of those sites designated for social networking and bookmarking but I am working on that and I may learn real soon, like next week with the help of Jordan aka MamaBlogga who is hosting a Blogolympics. There are activities for Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals and they are all geared towards furthering the community that exists in the blogosphere. Make sure to check it out and let the games begin!

Family, Child related fun

Scribbit has the most amazing box top maze instructions at her site. If you are like me, with an active boy on your hands, what a great way to keep him occupied. I also see this being helpful during our homeschooling.

News that you may have missed

Four teenages, all college bound, were shot and 3 died in Newark, NJ. They caught the believed killer and he is 15 and his accomplice or puppet master is 31.

Millionaires that don’t feel rich. Yes, there are many in Silicon Valley that despite net worths of more than $3 million feel like working millionaires. I am sure the working poor love that one.

I am a creationist and believe that the Earth is approx. 6,000 years old in accordance with scripture but I do love how scientists are constantly falling over their previous evolution theories. Kimita has an interesting post on this topic as well.

On a lighter note, Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, was married in June to her boyfriend. I am happy that she is married after she just had Eddie Murphy’s baby in April and he tried to deny it was his but has now owned up. Why do men think they can deny children, have they not seen all of the episodes of Judge Judy, Judge Hatchett, Judge Alex and the crew and the parade of paternity tests. Hello….

Obsession with Numb3rs

Not the tv show, though I do enjoy watching it but other numbers like how tomorrow I will turn 29+7, how I have gained 4 pounds, complaining about the 4 pounds instead of just accepting that my metabolism is changing and it is okay to gain 4 pounds considering that I have been called skinny all of my life and that becoming th enext size is a good thing. Before anyone flames me, I liked being my size, I have been my size for a very long time and my hubby likes me being my size. He likes me being the next size as long as I am happy about it and I haven’t been happy about it. I am just keeping it real.

Stuff made in China

Maybe it is me, but I am having some real issues with everything that has been recalled and the fact that we used to or still do send chicken to China for processing only to send it back to us just gives me the heebie jeebies. I realize that it takes quite a bit effort to avoid things made in China, but as a family we are going to try. Does this bother anyone else or is it just me???

I do plan to still keep up my Mandarin lessons and teach the kids, is that strange?

Blog stuff

I really need to do some housekeeping over the next couple of weeks. I have more blogs on my feed reader that I love to read that haven’t been added to my blogroll. I am thinking a separate page for my blogroll.

Vacation, vacation, vacation

It is booked and we will be heading back to Myrtle Beach for our week of sun and fun at the end of the month. We did get another awesome deal and yes I love going at the end of the season and that is possible with the flexibility afforded us by homeschooling. Hallelujah!!!!

I am off of my soap box for now… πŸ˜‰