Motherhood Monday Fiction Meme

Writing has always been one my secret passions. I have an active imagination but have more thoughts inside my head than ideas that have made it on paper. 🙂 As I continue to push myself in different creative directions, I have decided to participate in Motherhood Monday Fiction Meme started by Anonymom. The short fiction below is part of Motherhood Monday Fiction Meme #2.

The idea is to use the following writing prompt to inspire 10 minutes of uninterrupted (unedited) writing….

Writing prompt – Your main character is a mother who is bringing her child to see the house in which she grew up. The child can be any age and the mother’s family no longer needs to live there. Something surprising and out of the ordinary happens. What is it?

Felicia and Morgan had been waiting for this trip since Morgan was 3 years old. Felicia had shared stories of her youth with her daughter Morgan since Morgan was in her womb and Morgan had heard the stories so often, she felt like she had been to the house her mom’s youth before acctually arriving. The sun was shining bright and even though Morgan’s grandparents had moved many years ago, the new owners allowed Felicia and Morgan into the house. Morgan went straight to her mom’s room and tried to imagine her mom as a girl her age and when she closed her eyes she could hear her mom and her brother as they played, she could see her mom’s rabbit – Duchess as she hopped around the room. Morgan ventured outside to enjoy the sun. Her mom showed where things used to be – the garden, rabbit hutch, pool and the fence with the grapes and honeysuckle vines. Felicia always told Morgan about the enchanting fragrance of honeysuckle and what a head spin it could cause in the heat of summer. Growing up in the city, Morgan had never smelled honeysuckles and she was drawn to the vines. Felicia sat back and watched as her daughter smelled the honeysuckle, she smiled as she could see Morgan’s mind remembering her mommy’s stories. Then as all of the memories settled in Morgan’s mind, she turned to her mom and said – “Mommy, how do you eat the honeysuckle?” Felicia smiled as she joined her daughter at the fence and showed her hot to peel back the side leaves to reveal the small sweet ounce of liquid that was the honeysuckle. Out of the corner of her eye, Felicia spotted something shiny. Morgan saw it as well and she reached it before her mom and it was a marble. While growing up, Felcia’s dad had alwasy told her that the house wasbuilt on the grounds of an old glass factory so she and her brother used to always find glass bottles and marbles as children but it had been so long since they lived there she had forgotten about the glass. Morgan asked the new homeowners if she could dig in the spot that she found the marble. The gracious owners agreed and Morgan began digging with her fingers. Felicia joined in and before they knew it so did the homeowners and while dusk was settling, they found 4 old milk bottles, some green glass, more marbles and a chipped blue bottle. Morgan was allowed to keep all of the glass treasures and the homeowners asked about the glass and Felicia sat with them and their daughter, who was 5 years old, and shared her stories of growing up there.

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