When I was little, Friday was always the day designated for Show & Tell. So, since I have been remembering a bit from my childhood as of late, I have decided that today is show & tell.

First, I would like to share my favorite mug. I recently puchased it from Starbuck’s and whenever I drink my coffee or tea, I am reminded that I occupy only a small part of the world. It reads Good Morning in several different languages and I love the colors.

Starbuck's mug

Second, I usually go crazy for my kid’s birthdays and do themes and much more but with our schedule as of late, A’s birthday really caught me by surprise. I knew when she was born being that I was there and all but I just felt like I had more time than I actually did to put things together. Also with all of our trips this year and our big trip still to come, I needed to be thrifty. I borrowed another page from childhood, this time my teen years, and purchased a bag of tissue paper from AC Moore with a coupon (40%) and made tissue flowers like we used to make for Homecoming floats. I decorated the deck, the fence, the trees, and the house with these flowers. Hubby tied many of them together because he thought they were neat and he didn’t want to throw them away so here they are hanging from a door in the house. I loved the explosion of color that they created in and around our home and A helped with a few. 🙂

tissue flowers

Speaking of being thrifty, the third item for show & tell is a delightful set that I found on one of my thrift trips. The colors have me yearning for autumn and even though it had 3 plates instead of 4, I just had to have it as it was so me.

thrifty find

Do you care to join me for some tea?

I hope each of you enjoy your weekend!!!