TimeΒ travelers
Was it love at first site? or did it take a little longer…
Let’s travel back to the day we met our spouse.

The first time that I saw my hubby we were at a new event at a church in DC and he sat behind me and my friends. I noticed him but I was not looking to meet anyone new nor was I looking for a relationship at the time as I was starting a new job and had just come out of a relationship that was based upon some lies that weren’t revealed until later. I felt that I was at a place that I needed to sit still in order to hear more clearly from God about my next steps.

The church I was attending at the time had a very active singles ministry and they were hanging out the next night at yet another event. Later I realize that they had a Christian Peyton Place going on but that is another story for another time. Anyhoo, my hubby was the speaker for the evening at the next night’s function so he and I chatted but I figured that he wouldn’t remember me from Eve so I just filed his number away. (Being single and living in a big city, I did not give out my number.)

I called him a few days later and he did remember me and we just started talking on a daily basis and there would be times that we would stay on the phone until the wee hours of the morning, I mean the wee hours. πŸ™‚ I went to a few of his church league basketball games and then we went to lunch on Valentine’s day and he held my hand and this was the first time that we had held hands since we met 2 months prior…he proposed in March and we married in June (yes that is 6 months since we met) and we just celebrated 6 years of marriage.

Doing this has made me realize that I do not have any pictures of us in a digital format. 😦

I found this at Are we there yet? and it all started with Annie.