Tonight I checked out TNT’s Saving Grace and I must say that even though it was a bit raw it was a good viewing. I was quite surprised to see such open talk about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and things that are Christian spoken about and sang about so freely. Of course, it probably helps that it is on cable and not the regular channels.

If you have been saved all of your life then you probably won’t get it but if you have grown up with a knowledge of God and strayed and decided to live your life according to your own rules and then you have had some life altering moments and have come back and surrendered yourself to Christ then you will get it.

I do not know any details about Holly Hunter and her faith but she is a good actress and truly plays her role well. I will be interested to see how long the show airs and what topics will be addressed.

Her self interested style of living reminds me of a new study by the Barna Group on individualism. The study also looks at how people use their faith to make decisions and depending on the writing of this show, it seems that Holly will start to look at the world differently.

Definitely a show worth watching and it is for adults as it can be raw, graphic and in your face.

Edited to add: I have had many people looking for the song information and the song Saving Grace is by Everlast and you can listen here