A few weeks ago, we picked up the movie Antz at the thrift store. The kids had recently watched A Bug’s Life and so when they saw this movie they wanted to see it and I remembered it vaguely and assumed it was for kids (my kids). It was rainy here today so we popped it in and I was in the other room on the computer and I hear one of the characters use the word d*mn and then I hear h*ll and by this point the movie is on but the kids are in the room with me because they felt the movie was boring.

I stop the movie and examine the package and it is rated PG and not G but there is no other disclaimer about the language on the package. Yes, these words might not seem like much but my kids do not hear them and I do not want to expose them to such words. I was pretty surprised and if you are wondering why I didn’t stop the movie after d*mn being that my kids do not hear these words, I didn’t want to draw attention to the word.

There is very little that I allow them to watch and really thought that this was a decent movie but just because a film is animated definitely doesn’t mean that it is suitable for children (my children). Future trips to thrift store will be much more careful especially when it comes to movie picking.