What a crafty afternoon!!! My parents have their goddaughter and 2 pretend goddaughters for 1 week and my kids can run my parents crazy but 1 teenager and 2 preteens really have been running them ragged. 🙂 The girls liked one of my purses the other day so my mom thought it would be great to teach them a little craftiness and make some handbags.

They picked out their own fabrics from Joann’s clearance and we did change out 1 because she had picked a flannel that just wasn’t going to work so we traded out hers for some pink in my stash. She is 9 and at that in between stage of trying to leave kiddie stuff but not yet ready for big girl stuff, if KWIM.

Here are the 3 bags that they made and if you look closely at the pink groovy swirl, S went in my craft room and got out the Bedazzler and added some bling to her bag. You have to love a girl that seeks to embellish. 😀 Following suit, B decided to embellish a scrap of her fabric that she tied on like a scarf.
3 Bags

The other day I talked about my burnt pocket and I am glad to share that I did complete A & Z’s Purl Frog t-shirt like this one. A wasn’t wearing hers so no pics.

Z & Purl Frog