I just read this and I had to share it with others. The actually post and some excellent follow-up materials can be found here.

All too often, I do wish for this type of gracious response but there have been times when the selfish side of me roared her ugly head and I thought about the importance of my plans to the exclusion of everything and everyone else. Definite food for thought…enjoy!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Reaping and Sowing
By Melanie Chitwood

“”… for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap” Galatians 6:7(NAS)

My friend Amy really made an impression on me by one simple little thing she did recently for her husband. She had scheduled a hair appointment on the day Mike was off work. She didn’t tell him about the appointment; she just knew that he loves to be with his little girls and that he’d agree to be home while she went to her appointment.

The day before, however, Mike said he was planning to go golfing with a friend on his day off. Now here’s where she impressed me! She simply said, “Sounds great! Have fun!” She didn’t even mention the hair appointment!

She could have responded in so many different ways. She could have begrudgingly responded, “I have a hair appointment, but I’ll reschedule.” She could have dug in her heels and said, “No way. I already have plans, and I need you to watch the girls.” She could have complained about her lack of freedom, as she’s the mother to two little girls and her husband travels frequently.

But she didn’t. Instead she responded selflessly. With her gracious response to her husband, she lived out Philippians 2:3: “Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves” (NAS).

As Amy sows into her marriage godly principles such as selflessness instead of selfishness, she’s reaping the blessings of a unified, intimate, and joyful marriage.

Let’s ask ourselves today: What attitudes and actions are we sowing into our own marriages? Here’s a few to consider: Respect or contempt? Thankfulness or complaining? Submission or rebellion? Gentleness or harshness? Patience or irritability? Forgiveness or unforgivness?

If we’re experiencing strife or distance in our marriages, we need to ask God to show us if we might be reaping what we’re sowing. God will reveal to us any attitudes or actions which grieve Him. Then we can confess them and replace them with obedience to God’s principles for us as wives.

Dear Lord, Thank You for my husband and my marriage. Reveal to me any attitudes or actions which hinder my marriage. Please make me willing to obey You, knowing that in obedience I’ll find closeness to You and to my husband. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.