Over the last few days any channel that I was watching had an advertisement for a new show on the Game Show Network (GSN) entitled ‘Without Prejudice’ and I must admit that I was intrigued by some of the video clips. Yeah I know, they are meant to be intriguing so note to advertising – you did a good job!

Of course anyone who signs up for game shows/pseudo reality shows has to have some interesting 1 liner in order to make them more/less likable. This show had it in a minority flat out not liking another minority…

Interestingly enough, people had definite prejudices but many were open-minded enough that the final 2 candidates were not what I thought they would keep at the beginning of the show and the winner I would not have thought would have won primarily because of his ethnicity.

As a mom, I do not use color as a means to describe a person because in my mind, my kids can see that people are different colors, but people are also different sizes, heights, and a host of other things so why dwell on the obvious. For the longest time, my daughter talked about people by the color clothes they had on so people were pink, purple and some had polka dots and stripes. That was and still is fine with me because they think of people as people.

Of course, this doesn’t always translate well into the rest of the world because people are fixated with color and before anyone flames me, I am well aware of the history of color in this country and I am aware of how color still impacts many as I live it.

I had to really take a moment and think about the contestants on the show and would I have made some of the same choices that they made and in a broader sense, do I have prejudices?

I am still processing this one and if I am upfront the answer is that I do have some prejudices…I am reminded of Jesus speaking to the woman at the well that was from Samaria. It was a definite no-no to speak to Samaritans yet he didn’t exercise any prejudice towards her nor what she had done….this one requires deeper thought and analysis.