It amazes me how quickly people can be rude to one another instead of taking a step back and thinking about how they actually contributed to the situation – you know the old adage about the 1 finger you use to point at others means that there are 4 fingers pointing back at you.

Today at storytime, 2 moms were rude to a friend of mine. The storytime is for 3-5 year olds and the moms normally do not go in as the library has it set-up that way to start to get the kids to have a little time away from mommy or daddy. Most parents hang out in the children’s section and sit in the little chairs and chat or do other things because inevitable one of the children will need to use the restroom. Mind you, you are encouraged to take your children to the restroom *prior* to bringing them to storytime to minimize distractions and disruptions.

Anyhoo, 2 little boys come bounding out of the closed door for storytime saying they need to go to the bathroom. I saw some moms sitting but none of them moved with any hint of a quickness to indicate that said children were theirs so I assumed the parent stepped over to the adult book section because there is only so much Dr. Seuss one can take…the children leave the door to storytime open so my friend closes the door (she is inside because she has an infant that she lets participate in her own way while her 5 year old is attentive).

After 1 boy loudly goes into the bathroom, the other goes back inside the story room to only emerge 3 minutes later repeating his request of earlier and lo and behold this time 1 of the moms gets up and ushers him to the bathroom while the other loudly slams the door to the story room upon his re-entry. Boy #2 has done his business and he loudly returns to storytime and mind you each time my friend is at the storytime door trying to help the librarian keep calm because we know that the rest of the kids are 1-2 disruptions away from cutting up themselves.

Long story short, at the conclusion of storytime, I am walking with my friend when the 2 moms (engaged in conversation about the situation) decide to say something to my friend as we are leaving the children’s section. “Our kids have a right to use the bathroom”….”the librarian said you were trying to police the room”….”just worry about your own children”….and more foolishness.

I do think this librarian isn’t as strict as some of the others because the others would have put the children out of the room. No one is disagreeing about children having the right to go to the bathroom – that right they do have but they do not have the right to be disruptive and a distraction to the other children. These 2 moms, IMO, should spend more time teaching their children how to get up and exit a room quietly.

The summer always brings more children to storytime and I sometimes wonder if it even worth it to keep going especially when it is obvious that some moms are rude.