A few television shows have piqued my interest lately, ignited some creative thoughts, made my blood boil, and caused me to scream at the tv – sometimes during the same show. πŸ™‚

I will start with clothes being that I am currently watching TLC’s I’ve Got Nothing to Wear. I really wonder if TLC expects it to last in that their web site shares very little information about the show and the designers. This is my second time viewing as my traveling has led me to hotels without the TLC channel. 😦 At any rate, I really like Farai and the blond girl designers as they actually seem to think about what they are going to do and design clothes that are practical for a woman and not a teeny bopper. Some of the other designers concern me in that their dresses end right at the bum and that is just not practical for most or at least not for me. I like the show and hope that it continues and gains a following of its own. I have a few items that I am going to send to my chop shop. πŸ˜€

Vicariously, I live my chef life through Food Network’s Next Food Network Star. I must say that I was thoroughly disappointed last Sunday when Amy went through a long song and dance and crying to only then say that no she doesn’t want to go home after saying she wants to go home. The first week of the show, I was rooting for her because she had cooking skills and she was a SAHM and I laughed when she was the only one that had experience with fondant. I think that like the Bible, our yes should be yes and our no is no. She has given tears during the last 2 episodes during their reviews and quite frankly she needs to figure out what she wants to do. Also, Rory needs to try using her brains instead of her other body parts to move forward in life. The first two seasons were okay but better cooking talent seems to land on Bravo’s Top Chef.

Every now and then, I watch Split Ends on the Style Network. I have no desire to be a hair stylist but I think it is a great skill in that you can always find employment. I watched Episode #201 (I would share a link but they do not have one on their site) the other day with Evie Patterson from Illinois who traded places with Andrea from Studio City, CA. I realize that reality tv strives to mix it up a bit but why did they have to put the devout Christian (Evie) into a stripper pole, serving liquor salon with people pretty bent on trying to make her stumble and Andrea in a devout Christian salon that holds Bible study. I must admit that Evie held her ground and didn’t succumb to the peer pressure. As for Andrea, well she had to attend Bible study at the salon in Illinois because that is what they do and while a self-proclaimed atheist she did participate but no there was no conversion at the end. I tried to be objective and I don’t think that they tried to convert her but she was suppossed to be Evie so she had to do what Evie does so I am sure that discomfort was experienced by both ladies. Like Rory, Andrea should realize that she has more smarts/brains than their other body parts that they should use instead of just relying on the physical.

I am off of my soapbox for now. πŸ˜€