Thank you once again to all of you who shared your thoughts regarding Is this normal? As an update, our friend came to his own realization that it would not be wise to stay with us due to some hiccups during his move. I thank all of you for your prayers as I think God helped him see through his fog. πŸ˜€

He has only been over a few times and he hasn’t worn out his welcome. He was a little chatty when I was cutting/interfacing pieces for my 2nd handbag but I let that slide.

Now that the update is out of the way, another question for ya’ll. My neighbor has asked me to watch her son (turned 3 in May) for almost a week in August and yes this includes overnight. Her hubby has decided to take them out of the country but he didn’t factor in childcare and she doesn’t want to nag (remember Proverbs) so she is seeking alternatives. I have watched her son a few times (daytime only). She has asked around but noone else is available and if I can’t do it, she says that they will have to take him to Missouri to family members so that is more $$$ getting there and back.

He does play well with my kids but I guess it is awkward for me as when I have gone away with hubby, my kids have stayed with my parents. I am not completely retentive but I am used to my kids kind of rolling with our flow. When I saw my neighbor at story time she quipped that her son goes to bed at 11 p.m. and is up at 4 a.m., that definitely wouldn’t work in our house. πŸ™‚

Ministry, hospitality, neighborliness or just plain craziness….would you do it?????