I had a yarn crisis last night in that I had a few projects that I was trying to stock up for and being thrifty, I try to stay out of my local yarn store and go to my local craft stores for yarn but when I went to my local craft stores, I couldn’t find the things that I was looking for so I *had* to go to my local yarn store for what I needed. I did purchase some yarn that is quite cute (Bigga Multi in Tungsten).
Bigga yarn

I feel like I am at a yarn crossroads in that I really liked going to my local yarn store and touching and feeling and the like…woe is me and my purse strings. 😉

I also found some yarn goodies at the thrift store..the whole bag was $5.95 with 25% off and while fondling the bag, I saw 3 balls of Jaeger yarn in gray (obviously a color that I like). There were quite a few items in the bag mostly wools or wool/mohair blends and even though not used, I would like to wash them…do I just hand wash in cool water and hang to dry or what???????
Yarn, yarn, yarn

At the thrift store, I also got this purse that I am going to reuse the handles…handles for less than $1.50.
Purse handles

I had to buy these books…
Little House on the Prairie

Can’t leave you without sharing my 2nd purse….This one even has pockets on the inside…yippee!!!
Polka, polka, polka dots