You ever have one of those days when your mind is just all over the place..that is me today??? I had a few things that I needed to do and I was rather focused (intently) on getting them done this morning before the day ran away from me. I am still not done with one of them but that is a rather large undertaking so I will have to attack it in pieces.

I finished my baby blankets for Skip to My Lou so once the kids wake up from their nap, it is off to the post office to mail them and put in a hold mail form as we are heading to Cincinnati next week. I detailed out some sites with their links to my parents (they are coming with us) so we can narrow down our visits while there. I call it on the road homeschooling especially when we visit National Underground Railroad – The Freedom Center.

5 Kids and a Dog introduced me to Homeschool Tracker and this is my project that is still in pieces because it is more manageable that way. I have a gazillion plans in a notebook and what a nifty free resource it is turning out to be.

I am serving as the wedding planner for a friend at church. Her wedding is in December but outside of my own wedding, I haven’t planned anyone else’s. Mine was planned in 3 months being that hubby and I married within 6 months of meeting each other. We celebrated 6 wonderful and blissfilled years on Saturday, rather low-key with family and ice cream and a quick outing out by oursleves to attend 2 events at church. Needless to say the whole wedding planning over a year is interesting to me. I sent out some correspondence related to that to all the necessary parties and outlined some other things for the bride/groom but Jennifer Lopez, I am not. πŸ™‚

I have a cousin that I never met and he was involved in a car accident over the weekend. He plays for the Denver Nuggets and I do solicit your prayers being that his friend was thrown from the car (both were not wearing seatbelts) and his friend died. I could not imagine the guilt that he must be feeling as it relates to the accident. I do not know all of the details but from what my mom has shared (third hand information) and the news reports, he was definitely in the wrong. Yet, God spared his life but he will have a heaviness all the days to come.

I am not obsessed with sports, but I do have a few sports related things on my mind. The second deals with a local star – Gilbert Arenas who has decided to opt out of the last year of his contract, here is the Washington Post Article. Below is a cut from the article:

While he has repeatedly expressed a desire to see the Wizards put together a championship contending team, Arenas made it clear on Saturday that his decision to opt out is based primarily on business concerns. Arenas is scheduled to make $11.9 million next season and $12.8 million in 2008-2009, the final year of his original deal.

Last summer, Arenas said he would consider taking less money on his next contract if it would help the team add high-caliber players to the roster in coming seasons.

However, Arenas said Saturday that the knee injury he suffered in April and the recent birth of his second child has led him to view his financial future in a different light.

“It’s very important that I secure my future,” Arenas said. “Next summer, I will be in a position to sign a contract that will give me 12 solid years in this league. When I came in as a second round pick [in 2001] that’s something I never imagined.”

Now, I am not naive and I realize that those with more money live different lifestyles, but seriously, “viewing his financial future in a different light” and “securing his future”, his financial future should be quite well being that he has been making over $10 million a year. Maybe it is just me, but greed being a deadly sin comes to mind. I believe that people have talents as I know that I can’t play like Michael Jordan, but when athletes (and others) make these kind of dumb remarks it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If Warren Buffet can still live in his childhood home then why can’t other’s with money live less ostentatious lifestyles?

On the NASCAR front, you all know that my Jeff won on Sunday in the rain shortened race at Pocono Raceway. πŸ˜€ This Wednesday, that is tomorrow, Dale Jr. will make his announcement as to where he is going. Some say he is going to Hendrick Motorsports, hmmmmm. Others want him to go to Childress to drive the 3, quite honestly, I think the 3 should be the 3 and he should not drive it. Let him be his own man. So, Dale Jr. if you are reading, I support your decision whatever it may be.

I need to get my knitting and crochet projects together as the trip to/fro Cincinnati and the time there will be spent away from my sewing machine so I will seek to accomplish some knitting/crochet. I am thinking of this oh so cute cable capelet
CableΒ Capelet

I have a few others that I am thinking about so I will need to go to the store and get my yarn and make sure I have everything that I need.

That is really it for me and thanks for helping clear the pea soup fog in my brain. πŸ™‚