Lots and lots has been going on around here but not all of it has made it to print. 🙂 I still haven’t resolved all of my food issues from the other day but for inspiration I went to a different Safeway yesterday that is also newer and it was nice. I did actually shop and last night made fried chicken for hubby being that it is one of his favs and I do not fix it often. I had a salad because I can’t do chicken anymore unless it is the chicken breast….long story.

Tomorrow we celebrate 6 years of marital bliss and hubby also likes breakfast beyond cereal so this morning being his day off, I woke up and did waffles, eggs, bacon and Pillsbury helped me with some cinnabons. 🙂 It felt good to be back in my kitchen even if I was still half sleep in my mind. Now we have waffles for the upcoming days as the recipe from Joy of Cooking freezes so well and they reheat even better….yum, yum!!!

My mind has been exploding with different ideas as I peruse craftbloggia and see so many blogalicious items that inspiration has made me almost want to burst at the seams. It doesn’t help that I have craft ADHD and I already delve into anything and everything. I was bitten by the handbag bug and used some beachy fabric from the remnants section at Joann’s and even picked stripes and yes, the sides are lined up but I was rushing to get the bag to its owner as she gets ready for her annual vacation to Sanibel Island, Fl. I used a pattern from Hip Handbags that I picked up at the library. I love the library for their 3 week plus plan for me to go through a book to really determine if I want to purchase. So, I dropped the bag off last night and its new owner was pleased.

First beach handbag

I also do jewelry and a church member wanted a bracelet for our mutual friend’s bday and she wanted Swarovski, so it is swarovski olivine bicones and some swarovski pearls.

Bracelet 1 view
Bracelet 2 view

I have to share this of my boy as he is so handsome and adorable in his seersucker prior to church last Sunday.

My handsome boy!

And just for fun, if you have been wondering what goes on around here while I am so obviously busy, here it is.

While I work….