I was baptised when I was 5 and grew up in church, went to college and stayed away from church unless I was at my parent’s house or one of the major church days of the year (Easter, Christmas, etc.). Occassionally I would go just because but I was not walking with the Lord in a real and personal way. I have many friends that had similar experiences and we are of different denominations (Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist) and now as parents we find ourselves asking questions as to what age should a child be baptised?

Over the weekend, a friend’s almost 4 year daughter was baptised. I know of others that their children were 4 or 5 when they were baptised. Is that too young? Do you really understand what it means to have a real and personal relationship with Jesus Christ? I have been bouncing this around in my head for a few weeks now and I don’t have any answers. Yes, simplistically, it is when they understand but what exactly does that mean?

I grew up in a Catholic (dad)/Baptist (mom) home so the whole personal relationship thing was not even discussed. I know that my husband and I have a firm grip on it so we do and will continue to instill that in our children, but at what age should a child be baptised??

Any thoughts?