I glean the majority of my news from the internet and I am always intrigued by what is newsworthy and what draws my attention. As such, I thought I would share the news that I found interesting to help you wade through the other stuff. 🙂

1) When should a kid start Kindergarten? – Many states are opting for a later start so that their students can be on par with others in terms of standardized testing – in other words in order to make our state look bettter let’s start our children later so that the playing field is more even. I have an August birthday and I started when I was a young 5 and I came out okay (I think). My dd has a late July birthday and we are starting her this year but she is starting in the home. 😀

Check it out, were you redshirted (yes they use this term) in Kindergarten of were you a young 5? Do you think it makes a difference?

2) Makeup for Men – first we had metrosexuals and the Fab 5 helping straight men to take better care of themselves and now we have (drumroll please) makeup for men. Girls, be careful of this one being that you used to take his razor now he may borrow your concealer. 😯

My man does not wear any makeup and I am dancing the happy dance. No manicures either even though I did convince him once on our 3rd anniversary to get a pedicure. 😉 Love is such a splendid thing. I don’t know about you but I don’t want any parts of a man wearing make-up…what about you?

3) Rep. William Jefferson from Louisiana gets indicted on bribery charges – A story about the corruption of power and in Rep. Jefferson’s case, it started a long time ago back in the Big Easy. Yeah, I know innocent until proven guilty but the evidence is not looking good for Slick Bill and the Big Slammer may be his next home.

4) Diplomas Denied Over Graduation Cheers – For many, high school graduations are the culmination of many years of work and for many parents it is a joyous time to see their spawn walk across the stage and receive their diploma. In some parts of the country, loud cheering is warned against, pacts signed and the like to keep everyone from being unruly. In this instance the cheers of others caused 5 students not to receive their piece of paper (I recently found my hs diploma the other day while cleaning out a drawer). Race is said not to be a factor but the 5 students racial composition was 4 African-Americans and 1 Hispanic. We do not know what they put their families through so maybe there was a need for such joyous celebrating. 😀 Seriously, maybe they were well liked and other students made the noise, how do you know it was their invited guests being that graduation ceremonies normally have a limited amount of tickets per student? I just think this is a bit bizarre, considering some teen stats the fact that they made it to graduation is cause for a celebration as many do not and there is little celebrating at funerals.

5) Many Teen Girls Using Steroids – This one blew me away. No the users are not girl athleted but other girls that are taking them for self-image. They make you more lean but the side effects are sometimes irreversible even after taking the steroids. What are we doing to our young people?

6) Boulder, CO kids encouraged to have sex and take drugs – Don’t believe me, read the transcripts. Just because we think that kids might do something, should we encourage them to do it….reverse psychology gone wrong.

There is the news as I see it….feeback?