I love food!!! Really, I do and I enjoy cooking and all things culinary. I have dreams of attending culinary school and having my own tv show on Food Network and cookbooks, lots of cookbooks. 🙂

My dh is a southern boy at heart and pretty much not into many of the frou frou dishes that I like too cook. He indulges me from time to time but mostly I have been sticking to the basics. I have 2 little ones and I must admit that they are both culinary adventurers because I refuse to make kiddie food that is what McDonald’s is for, isn’t it? I back down on the spice a bit in some dishes but for the most part, they have to eat what we eat. That is why I am mommy.

In my quest to decrease the amount of tv watched, I have not been a regular starer at all things culinary on the Food Network, which of course combined with HGTV and DIY are the best and really only channels a girl needs in life. 😀 However, I knew that tonight was the start of the 3rd Season of Next Food Network Star. Being that I live vicariously through these people, I settled into my fav chair and watched for 2 hours (I also finished knitting a scarf as the hands needed to be busy).

The challenges this year definitely threw the folks straight into competition mode. I loved that the homemaker was the only person to have had experience with fondant – I betcha she has baked a child’s birthday cake or two in her time. For the most part, I thought that the competitors were talented and of course they have personality, some obviously more that others and they were eliminated tonight.

The wedding challenge had me thinking – would I really trust some unknown folks to cater my wedding with less than 6 hours and I have never tasted anything they made just to get on tv??? It isn’t like Bobby Flay was going to be the pinch hitter if everything was nasty…I don’t know about that one, did Food Network provide everyone with another meal afterwards because somebody had to leave hungry, they just had to.

I am intrigued enough to consider watching next Sunday unless of course my craft ADHD kicks in and I am knee deep into some other medium. 😉

Lately, I have been thinking more of our eating habits. We switched to organic milk and yes gas is high but I still manage to shell out almost $7 a gallon for the milk that seems to need replenishing every 8 days. I am a milk drinker and so is my son and I do like the taste of the organic (Horizon) so I think we will stick with it, plus the cows were happy, right?!?!?

My mom is always trying something different and holistic and she saw Donna Karan on some show and she was talking about raw foods and juices so she has me thinking about pulling out my juicer to give us some fresh juice in the morning. My daughter still battles with eczema and it seems that carrot juice is good for that and I know that carrot juice with a little apple thrown in is quite tasty so maybe that will help flush the toxins out of all our systems. I still debate over organic food because some things it matters and other things it doesn’t matter as much and I always think about God telling the Pharisees that it is not what goes in man that is corrupt but what comes out, so how organic do we go….I don’t know. I have a few nice farms nearby and the Amish sell their produce near my mom/dad which is about an hour away so there are some locally grown options, but it is all still rather confusing.

I think of going vegetarian but that probably won’t happen as a family even though no meat a few nights a week are definite options. Dinnertime is not always as fun in a culinary sense because of late, I just want to get it done…I need some inspiration.

In the end, I guess this is just a rambling post about food, thanks for reading and feel free to share any food suggestions.