I taught my mom the basics of knitting last year and she has been officially dubbed the “washcloth queen” as she has knitted a gazillion since then with a few scarves thrown in here and there. 🙂 I wanted to give her a knitting related item to maybe encourage her beyond the washcloths, don’t get me wrong, I like the washcloths.

So, I thought about one of those cute knitting needle storage holders and I really didn’t like the ones in the store and then I saw these cute ones from Thornberry and a placemat idea from Carol Duvall.

Of course, true to my inner self, I glanced over them and had an idea in my head and that is what I was going to run with…At the thrift store, I decided to look at the place mats and saw these beautiful placemats (2) with matching dinner napkins (2) for $3.95. The embroidered flowers were worth that and more and I loved the colors so I purchased them with thoughts of what I was going to do to them when I got home.

When you have ideas in your head and no real pattern there is guaranteed to be a learning curve. 😉 For length purposes, I sewed the 2 placemats together and trying to match up the flowers was interesting but I liked the final product. I found the ribbon in my drawer as it came around a gift box and was the perfect color. For the needle storage, I used 1 of the napkins and a remnant I had from Joanne’s.

When I teach her to crochet, I would love to make her one of these.

Anyhoo, after the learning curves, here are the finished pics.

All wrapped up!

The inside

The outside