I have been a blogging bad girl…I haven’t neglected any of you and I have missed you all dearly. 🙂

We headed to North Carolina on Saturday morning (early) because dh had a preaching/speaking engagement. As a prelude to the engagement, the church that he was going to preach was having a neighborhood outreach event so he needed to be there by 11 a.m. He hit me with that surprise on Friday night and he knows I am not the best early person so he was quite pleasant in the morning as he stopped to make sure momma had her coffee and sugar donut fix in order to start the trip. So, with little ones in their car seats and momma happy, we began our 4 hour journey to my in-laws.

I know that you are sitting there thinking – why didn’t she take her laptop. The new laptop has been replaced with yet another new laptop and this one seems to be working much better. I am still not sold on purchases from a computer show but such is life. Either way it wouldn’t matter, because my in-laws live in a rural part of NC so there is no access to the internet and being 85 and 89, they don’t have a satellite connection except for TV. 🙂 My FIL still drives his car locally and he drives this on the street and driveway.
Driving the lawnmower

As dh did outreach, the kids and I headed to the big town area that is 25 miles away and against better judgement, I didn’t go to my normal spot – Roanoke Rapids and boy did I pay, I got lost. 🙄 All that farm land looks the same and my cell phone has spotty service and dh left his phone in the car, so I just did what any woman with sleeping children in the back would do, I just kept driving using woman’s intuition. 😀 Just as I was reaching for my road atlas, I see a nice mail lady and she confirms that I am heading in the right direction and she gives me directions to my destination of Wal-Mart and then the golden arches for lunch. I pull up in the Wal-Mart parking lot and as if on cue, the dc wake up from their slumber and we journey into Wal-Mart for bug spray and a few other items. My dd loves to eat at restaurants, so we dine inside of the golden arches and then head back to pick up dh paying very close attention to the country roads. I must say that the wrong turn that I took led me so far from my destination…amazing. Kind of like life and the path that God has for us versus the path we choose for ourselves.

Of course, I debated about telling the dh because I just didn’t want to hear it being that I snootily told him earlier that I knew how to get there…but, I did tell him and only had to endure 2 remarks. We then went back to the in-laws. Oh, how rude of me, let me introduce you to their neighbors.

And 1 more, so you understand that they live right across the road and are pretty much the highlight of the kids visit outside of Grandma and Grandpa.
Neighbors 3

The kids of course wanted to play as it was way too nice to be inside, unless you are their mother and you are content in the AC crocheting a scarf because you started it on the way down and can’t really put it down knowing that you just taught yourself to crochet. Enough teasing, here is the finished frilly scarf that coils. I used Lion Homespun from my stash and wow was it quick and easy. Crochet is cool!
My cute scarf!

I digressed… 🙂 Here are my bambinos after having removed their shirts because “mommy, it is soooooo hot, can’t we please take our shirts off and run around in our undershirts.” There is only so much of that you can hear before you give in. We do think our daughter has a Michael Jordan thing going on because whenever she is deep in thought/concentrating that tongue comes out, yes, even during homeschool. 😀
What’s with the tongue!
Boy, oh boy

Here is my MIL, I think Tiger Woods better watch out…
She’s on the prowl, Tiger!

We had a great time and God gave dh grace and power to share His Word. We came back home on Sunday night (late) being that we didn’t leave until after 7 p.m. However, it was worth it to wake up Monday in our home and not contend with holiday traffic. My parents came up for the holiday and we had a small cookout with my friend Cheryl joining us. My mom and I with dd headed to Joann’s to enjoy the coupons and I purchased some cute remnants that will become purses and who knows what else. Also, I purchased more fabric to make two patchwork quilt blankets for 2 ladies at church as baby shower gifts. You are wondering, did she finally finish that quilt…drumroll please….

The quilt is done!

There were many lessons learned but that is how I learn so I am glad that I didn’t read anything first but just dove in. Of course, now that I am finished, I may read something or just learn from my mistakes. I like it and I didn’t take the picture too close because I don’t want you to see the mistakes. 🙂

I also found this cute bag for $5 at the thrift store….I love butterflies!
Fly, fly away

Lest, I not divulge everything, I also picked up some yarn last week from Tuesday Morning and it is being knitted into a simple scarf, just no pics yet.

You didn’t think I would end without mentioning NASCAR???? Yes, my darling Jeff Gordon took a nasty hit on Sunday night and it was best that I wasn’t watching being that when I checked out the video on NASCAR, my heart was flipping. You will be glad to know that I have moved into a mother hen role with him now being that he is about to become a dad and I already have a dh and dc. 🙂

There you have it…I have major catch-up to do and some homeschool thoughts to gather….hope you are having a great week!