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Growing up, I knew of many young girls (inlcuding myself) that had bad cycles and we would take prescription strength motrin for pain; however, I never thought that I would want my cycle to go away as it is a part of being a girl/woman. Even now, that I can’t have any more children, I still have my cycle because God intended for me to have one and then one day it will go away and that is caused menopause. I am still processing my thoughts on this one, but I must say that I am shocked that this has been approved and will be marketed under the guise of making your life easier by relieving you of monthly discomfort but really it sounds more like population control in that more and more young people can opt out of God’s design for the family – procreation.

Some quotes from the article:

The pill isn’t for everyone, an FDA official said. About half the women enrolled in studies of Lybrel dropped out, said Dr. Daniel Shames, a deputy director in the FDA’s drugs office. Many did so because of the irregular and unscheduled bleeding and spotting that can replace scheduled menstruation.

A study showed Lybrel was just as effective in preventing pregnancy as a traditional pill, Alesse, also made by Wyeth. However, since Lybrel users will eliminate their regular periods, it may be difficult for them to recognize if they have become pregnant, Shames said.

“For women in that situation, I certainly can understand the benefits of taking these kinds of medications, but for most women menstruation is a normal life event — not a medical condition,” said Elson, who researches the sociology of gender and medical sociology. “Why medicate away a normal life event if we’re not sure of the long-term effects?”

Where is our world heading???