I was tagged by Mom Loves Being At Home to list 8 random things about me….so, here it is:

1. I love football and my team is the Dallas Cowboys. I have liked them since I was 3 and thought that Tom Landry looked like my Pop-pop in his hat. I also wanted to be a Dallas cheerleader when I grew up. How excited I was when I found out that dh was a fan as well. I would have hated to go to counseling for something like that. πŸ˜€

2. My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip and it needs to be green.

3. After reading Harriet the Spy when I was younger, I use to keep a notebook on my neigbors.

4. I am willing to try my hand at just about anything…over the weekend, I taught myself to crochet.

5. I love really fast and really high roller coasters and just about anything that goes fast (hence my NASCAR obsession).

6. I played field hockey and ran track in high school.

7. I don’t like to wear sweatsuits/jogging suits or anything that is athletic wear.

8. Today, we saw a blue heron at the park.

Okay, is that random enough….why is this so hard to really think about random things about one’s life. Now, who am I going to tag….SatisfiedHousewife (I just love her thoughts and the name of her blog), FaithHopeLoveHandmade (speaks for itself), 5Kidsandadog (the queen of all things digital) and TwistedPurls (someone like myself with many projects going on). Prayerfully, they will all participate. πŸ™‚