My dh often quips that he likes my Betty Crocker meals (simple yet good) more than my Martha Stewart meals (not so simple but good). I used to cater with a girlfriend and I love to cook but haven’t been doing as much Martha or Betty cooking, I have been more like less than 30 minute Rachel Ray meals as of late because of different things going on as dh has had class and counseling sessions so he is not coming home to after 7:30 and has usually eaten somewhere else so it is easy to please the dc and myself. However, he is having a dinner guest tomorrow night and I am starting to spas because I really do not know what to make….the dinner isn’t until 7 p.m. so the dc do not really factor in as they will have eaten by then. Dh suggested my chicken pot pie but that is a comfort food to me and I think cold weather not warm weather for a chicken pot pie. Keep in mind, dh grew up with simple meals as my MIL doesn’t use much seasoning outside of salt/pepper so when she sees my spices and all of my kitchen gadgets she is just in shock. 😮

In my head, Martha and Betty are battling in terms of menu selections and how many courses. The dinner guest is of Middle Eastern descent but says he eats anything and yes the overachiever was thinking some more native dishes. 🙂 My mom made some samosas that I may have out has appetizers if I don’t eat them all today. Decisions, decisions, decisions…I may just go to the store and walk around for inspiration and see what looks the freshest. I am open to suggestions because at this point, I am totally unsure of what I am going to do and see visions of a kitchen in chaos.
Messy Kitchen