1 Corinthians 14:40 – But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner (NASB)

As my homeschooling philosophy contines to evolve, I have been giving more thouught to organization. I confess that in no way am I highly organized neither am I a disheveled mess. I like to believe that I fall happily in the middle of the organization spectrum. However, I do have a desire for just a bit more organization. 😉 When I first started homeschooling my dd in pre-k like work, I purchased a few highly recommended books (with little research on my end) only to leave them on the shelf because while wonderful, they didn’t fit us. Thus, I put together a list of goals and we were working toward them. This was great but not so great in that it was heavily dependent upon me to research everything and make it all cohesive and coherent. I added a phonics book and math program and they have helped me to still meet our goals but lessened the pulling together that I was doing. I find that when I sit down to map out the next few lessons and gather necessary materials ahead of time that things flow much smoother than when I am helter skelter. The helter skelter approach only leads to confusion, frustration and disappointment.

This desire for more organization extends beyond homeschool to our home. When I was younger and even now, my mother often said “there is a place for everything and everything has a place.” The truth of this statement is just starting to be appreciated by me. Last year we thought of moving and put our house on the market. This action requires getting the house in show condition and keeping it in said condition. I didn’t like the process of getting to show condition but once there, I liked keeping it in show condition and even though the house is no longer on the market, I try to keep it in show condition. That process showed us that there are some things that we could do without but it also showed us that everything does have a place and there a place for everything, even if sometimes that place is the trash.

The last frontier that I feel God is calling me to do properly and in an orderly manner is my personal time. I have a lot of areas of interest (guitar, reading, knitting, jewelry, learning Mandarin) but sometimes these get shortchanged by the time I spend on the computer. I may log on with the intent to do a few things only to look up hour (s) later and that initial task is still uncompleted. There is a wealth of information but I need to better organize the time that I spend on the computer at the expense of other things. I will continue to pray for the Lord’s leading as I seek to do all things properly and in an orderly manner.