Hotels like to provide the newspaper – USA Today – and I like reading it as I do not watch much TV as of late and when I am online, I read certain news outlets and that is it. While on a little mini-vacation, I was struck by a story about Venezuelan President Chavez taking over the oil reserves of Venezuela. You can check the article out for yourself.

I am still trying to wrap my mind around global warming, alternative fuels and the future of gas prices, so I may ramble.

I must confess my ignorance about ethanol as it wasn’t until I watched The Amazing Race a few seasons past and they were in Brazil and had to make their own ethanol for their cars to run and I was shocked at the number of cars on the roads and the number of cars that ran on ethanol. Further digging revealed that many of our big automakers made their cars – so of course the puzzled look came over my face as I hear a lot of hemming and hawing over why they can’t produce flex fuel or ethanol vehicles in the states. 😮

I did see a global warming special on 60 Minutes or ABC news and combined with a Discovery/Animal Planet/National Geographic show (can’t recall), I was quite astonished about the effects of global warming and the ice melting in South America and the king penguins dying because they had to swim farther and farther for crill. So, I have been paying more attention to this issue.

My dh complains quite frequently about the price of gas and how we are constantly set-up when they drop prices for a little while only to raise them higher than they were and I feel it in my wallet when I have to spend $40+ to fill my minivan.

I share all of that because like I said, I am trying to understand and I feel like I am having one of those moments from Working Girl when Tess puts together something that is not readily seen while in the elevator.

It is a widely known fact, according to the article, that Venezuela has the largest untapped reserves and they could have basically more oil than Saudi Arabia and it is also known that their president does not like us, so…

1) Why is that we are not more active in lessening our dependence on foreign oil?

2) Is it me or is our desire to stabilize the Middle East more about the future of oil than anything else?

3) As citizens, are we that attached to our cars and our belief that we are the greatest that we are ignoring the actions of people like him with the hopes that he will go away?

I do not have all of my thoughts on this one and I do want to ponder it more, but what is the deal???