I go through a cycle where I begin waking up early to spend my mornings in prayer and to commune with God and then I fall off the wagon. Lately, some things have been bringing this back to my front burner…conversations on the TWTM message boards about getting up early, a post by Michelle, and yesterday’s Proverbs 31 devotion.

This morning the alarm went off twice as I do not do the snooze thing I just set it at different times. DD was already wide awake and as she and dh and I prayed I thought to myself that I am going to get up. Dh left for work and the ds came into my room. I just got out of the bed at that moment and I told the dc that I was going to read my Bible and for them to go play quietly. I closed the bedroom door and then I began to read Mark 1:35 and some other verses about prayer. I was interrupted twice by the dc but I had a chat afterwards about mommy’s closed door and we will see what tomorrow brings. 🙂