We purchased some zinnias the other day, okay truthfully like almost 2 weeks ago and dh has been a bit too busy to get them in the ground. Being the loving, submissive and dutiful wife that I am, I thought that I would go outside and plant them in the raised flower beds that surround the deck. Of course the dc are excited and we head into the backyard.

I tried my hand at gardening last year but between the deer, rabbits, and pesky groundhogs that inhabit the woods behind my home and feel that my yard is also theirs, I was not really in the mood to plant anything this year. However, we caught another groundhog and the wonderful manly man from our local animal patrol told me when he came to take our cage and pesky groundhog somewhere far away, a few things about my yard…1) I have moles; 2) I have moles because I have grubs; and 3) I will always have wildlife problems if I continue to give them a source of food. He recommended some solutions: 1) get those spike things that run on batteries and send out a pulse ever so often as that will drive the moles out of my yard and the groundhogs; 2) purchase some milky spore as it will get rid of my grub problem and thus the moles will not find their way back if the food supply is now gone. So, dh purchased the spike things and the milky spore. The spikes are in the ground, the milky spore is in the garage. šŸ™‚ Nonetheless, I have not seen pesky groundhog in my yard so I am becoming a bit more optimistic about planting some things this year even though I am leaning more towards a container garden especially for my fresh herbs.

Okay, now back to today…we are outside and I am showing the kids some worms and other insects in the dirt in the flower beds as I rake through it…I am brave science mommy. For the record, I am not particular fond of anything that creeps and crawls. I do have an inquisitive side so thankfully that is what the kids see. While I am planting, ds sees a huge bee and if you recall he is not fond of bugs. So, he is at my leg and I continue to plant and watch bee as bee is hovering near the screendoor (entry back into the house) and the stairs (passage to the door that leads to the house). Sky is turning colors like it wants to rain as I finish planting the zinnias….bee flies closer to kids/mom and they begin to freak but I use the mommy calm voice…inner mommy is screaming. So, I offer a solution as ds is unwilling to head to stairs that lead up to door that leads to house because of bee. They can go out front and wait by the garage as mommy braves stairs, door and bee to get into house to open garage to let them in. Of course they jump at that solution and mommy internally kicks herself for not having come to the backyard via the garage.

Okay, quick prayer to God for strength and bee to go away. Bee didn’t go away so I walk up the stairs in strength and bee makes a move towards me and I am ready to swat with garden gloves and stomp the life out of him and he flies off as if he knows that I am capbale of murder. The screen door doesn’t want to open and I have lost site of bee…another prayer – God let the door open and bee not get inside. Door opens and I shut it quickly and no sign of bee. Open door for kids and everyone is happy.

Mommies have to be brave for their kids!!!