Tonight the dc had swim class and the class is for 3-6 yo boys and girls. The class is in a huge swimming complex and as a result, flip flops are truly advisable for walking from the locker room to the class area. Tonight, one of the little girls had on a wedge heeled shoe with the clear plastic upfront encrusted in jewels (think Disney princess) and her grandmother thought that these shoes were obviously okay for her as well as her parents. Well, as the children walked into the swim area the young girl had a noticeable sway in her walk and walked with a bit more femininity that is expected at that age.

As the parent of a dd, I know that I do have to often search to find clothing that I think is appropriate for her to wear and that is not always the first thing that I see in many of today’s stores. However, I think that she should be a little girl for as long as possible and not buy into our hypersexualized environment/society. This little girl from her swimming class is truly mimicking someone/something that she has seen enough to study and thus be able to carry herself in such a manner. Not to even mention the fact that the slightest raising of the heel causes our alignment to be readjusted so our bodies readjust to accomodate the new balance needed for walking in a heeled shoe and ya’ll know what I mean.

The objectified woman is all around us and even my dd notices it…dolls like the Bratz with their suggestive attire. Even Barbie has lost her innocence and I am glad that the Only Hearts Club doll series came out at least they are modestly clothed. Our children are being made into little adults far too quickly and for what?????

If you haven’t already sign the Moms for Modesty campaign and link the button to your site.