I have a dear friend that really wanted me to get my boxers in a bunch over the entire Imus and Rutger’s women’s basketball team story. I do not feel the need to provide a link being that unless you live under a rock, you have probably already heard the story. So, he is suspended for 2 weeks beginning Monday after his charity events this week. Do I think the punishment is accurate, not really as I like fines in the sense that when one’s pocketbook (proverbially) is hit they are more apt to take notice of their actions. This dear friend felt that as a woman, a black woman at that, that I should be upset. Well…I am not. Do I think he should have said what he said, by no means because it was insulting and degrading. However, my boxers are not in a bunch as from the beginning of time, people have called others names and I do not believe in allowing someone else to define me. I was born with enough of society’s labels, adding or taking away another doesn’t change who I am at the end of the day.

Now, what does get my boxers in a bunch or really chaps my hid (I love that phrase) is the fact that once again, black people wanted an apology. For what?????? An apology is defined as an acknowledgment expressing regret or asking pardon for a fault or offense. If it wasn’t for the firestorm that has now erupted from the grumblings of a few, Imus would not have felt one bit of regret for his offense. If you listen to his comments, he isn’t truly sorry because he has continued to justify his remarks as being said in a “comedic exchange.” In other words it is okay to be insulting and degrading as long as it is a part of a comedic routine. I do not believe that he is remorseful for his actions, I think he is just sorry that he got caught. The thing that still irks me is that no one is addressing his cohort that started the exchange and the use of the word for a garden tool. What is his fate?

It is common place now for people to issue an apology and then usually enter rehab. Apologies and rehabs are just excuse villages for many people. Deal with the real issues that are in the heart because as God said in Matthew 12:34 – For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. (NASB) As people, our mouths reveal what is in the deep recesses of our hearts and therefore what Imus and his cohort said is a revelation into what is in their heart.

A strange story from Canada struck a chord. A family purchased a couch and the couch color was brown and with brown, the n-word was used to further describe the color. One of the family’s small children found the label and asked her mother about the n-word. How disturbing is that?!?!? The couch was made in China so I guess the n-word is truly universal.

We live in the year 2007 and yet we have not figured out on a whole how to truly just get along. While cruising the web, there was a story about a high school in Georgia that if finally planning to have a school-wide prom where blacks and whites can party together instead of the usual planned white prom and black prom. You mean to tell me that they go to school everyday together but this is the first time that they are planning a school wide prom. This same school usually elects a black homecoming queen and a white homecoming queen…..this blows my mind. The same backwards racist ideas of their parents and forefathers are being perpetuated in these children and then we wonder why we can’t get along. I must share that this year they decided to elect 1 homecoming queen and she was of mixed race..I guess they figured blacks and whites could be happy with that young lady. It is sad to say but it may be those that are considered mixed race to finally help America deal with its issues of the heart.

I still have some thoughts brewing on this one…stay tuned.