Okay, our local Christian bookstore closed and promised to re-open in another town/city and today while perusing the Pennysaver there was an ad for their new store and they were having a sale on Resurrection Eggs – only $9.99. This is a good deal so I had to jump on it and figured that we would use them as a part of our devotional next week leading into Holy Week. After lunch, gathered the kids and we head on over after Mapquesting our directions. The ad in the Pennysaver was incorrect but they still gave me the eggs for $9.99. 🙂 Also, a free gift of a cd – Time with God, commute devotionals. Of course being stay-at home wife/mom I gave that to dh. The store is very similar to their old store in that they have a tv and kiddie area so the kdis parked it there with some Veggie Tales as I browsed.

While checking out the music, I keep telling my hubby that I need/want/desire one of those Ipods but it hasn’t happenned, so I continue looking at the musical selections. I notice a new CD by Nicole C. Mullen – Sharecropper’s Seed, Vol. 1 (just checked Amazon and the actual release date is April 3rd) After checking the price, it was on sale – huge blessing, I purchase it and after some ice cream at the local Amish market I pop it in. It seems that she has made a trip to Africa (Ghana) to explore her family tree and it is a very soulful cd and the song One Touch had me almost in tears before we even arrived home. Rarely do I purchase a CD in which I love/like *all* of the tracks but this work of hers just spoke from the opening song to the closing song. Elohim is beautiful!!! Having several of her cds, she can be known to mix it up in terms of genres but this album is awesome. A few songs have familiar melodies to other works but still powerful and inspirational. A must purchase!!!!

At the end of the day, great finding my local Christian bookstore again and look forward to many trips in the future.