Tomorrow marks the end of my 7 day fast from the television.  While I have done these fasts in the past, I have never done them during a season of 24.  🙂

I started this fast at the request of my hubby when I mentioned to him some things that were on my heart.  If there is always noise and distractions, it is often hard to think straight much less hear from God who often speaks in a whisper.  Here is what I learned:

  1. The shows (24, Numbers, Criminal Minds, and Jeopardy) that I thought I couldn’t really go without seeing, I can go without seeing them and life goes on.
  2. I had more time to complete various tasks around the house and finish my preparation for Bible study in a timely manner.
  3. I spent more time doing more hands on activities with the kids (who were a part of the fast by means of my fasting).
  4. I was able to truly give some deep, uninterrupted thought to some things like our future path of homeschooling, spring cleaning and home improvements.
  5. I watched more shows than the ones listed above and needed to cut back on my television watching.
  6. The internet is a great place in which to read the local news supplied by the local newspaper and it gives you the weather so I do not “have” to watch the news at night.

In the end, I did hear from God and while His answer was not “no” it was more of a “not right now” as it related to a big item on my list.  Will I continue to limit my television watching – resoundingly yes!!!!