I do remember the Bangles and really liked this song and really felt like it was the most appropriate title for my day today. 

Every week, I use my daughter’s Sunday School lesson (her teachers send a wonderful email update) as our basis for Bible for the upcoming week.  It helps both of the kids memorize scripture plus my daughter’s class is asked to recite the scripture memory verse and discuss their Bible lesson from the previous week before moving into the next lesson.  So, our review in homeschool helps solidify the message in her mind and I must admit that I like seeing in the teacher emails that she is mentioned as one of the students that did well.

Our verse for today was Psalm 18:1 – “I love you, O Lord.”  Pretty easy verse to memorize for the children and we went over the story of the poor widow from Mark 12:41-44.  As the parent/teacher, I read the verse but never took it to heart as I continued the rest of homeschool operating as if I didn’t truly understand what it meant to love the Lord.  If I did understand then I would have understood that things can quickly get manic on any day of the week if I operate in my own finite power instead of relying on God to operate in His infinite power through me. 

So, what is the plan for Tuesday – let God work through me and in me otherwise I will have to craft a song for Topsy Tuesdays.