Upon retiring for the evening yesterday, I knew that the snow had already started to fall in our area.    However, the weather forecasters did not expect much accumulation and I was fine with that and went off to bed.

This morning after wishing my husband safe travels after we prayed, I drifted back to sleep and once the rest of the family woke up, I tried to coax them to look out of the windows at the snow but they were preoccupied until the phone rang with their ‘Nana’ on the other end.  My parents were calling to let me know that the local public schools were closed for the day and did I intend to allow their grandchildren a homeschool snow day?

Being that the darling little ones are only 3 and 4, a normal homeschool day is not that long for them but the question had me thinking…when I was a youngster, the amount of snow that fell would harldy qualify as a day off from school.  In NJ, it had to really snow for you to enjoy a snow day.  Do our kids have it much easier than we did in terms of getting time off from school?  Are there some unintended consequences to these frequently called snow days because in June when they are made up, teachers are not continuing with regular class work, it is almost a free for all day.

As a homeschooler, is the public school calendar the calendar of choice or is it there as a guide towards achieving 180 days in the classroom?  Do you homeschool on snow days?

The next snow day needs to have some measurable snow and not snow that disappears by afternoon.